Thursday, January 1, 2009

Acstc: Demo Series

Acstc by Dusk Grotesk
Hoping to record about twenty and then pick the best few & polish them off for an EP. Will be putting a new one up about every two weeks, usually on a Saturday. They are well rough but the idea is just to get them recorded & out there, so am not worrying about the details for now.

     Sundaymix  by  Dusk Grotesk
And a mix to get one in the mood.


Unknown said...

I think this is my favourite one so far,keep them coming!

ógy said...

lovely tunes chris, the quality of the recording is great too, any chance of a bit of a run down of mic positions and stuff? guitar sound is lovely. you hear graham coxons new album "the spinning top"? lovely stuff, heavily influenced by nick drake, john martyn, davey graham etc.

Unknown said...

Cheers lads!

@Ógy Nothing fancy recording-wise there, recorded in my room with a AKG C1000S about a foot from the bridge mixed in with direct-in from Takamine. Processed through Guitar Rig, Space designer & Focusrite Penta optical compressor.

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