Saturday, July 11, 2009

New blog & general update

I have a problem. I keep setting up blogs! And look at the state of, sure it's fierce neglected. Anyway, I set up a blog for my Dad at to showcase/publicise his art. He's gonna be maintaining it himself from now on so expect to see regular updates on work that he is doing, a large selection of his paintings/drawings/wood burnings/sculptures/other specialist projects, as well as information about his commissioning service etc. It's in its infancy right now but there are some lovely examples of his gouche work uploaded that I am a big fan of.

Apart from that, I have been working away on designing a Junior Cert History book (nearly finished) and then spending my evenings trying to figure out how my Mopho synth communicates with Logic 8 using all the Environment window MIDI routing shananigans. Am dying to get making some bowel-shaking-monster-bass-heavy tunes, just have to get the bleedin' thing working first...

Am also plotting one or two regular features for my blog, such as a bi-weekly solo acoustic upload. This would let me get all my old tunes out in the open and hopefully force me to:
  1. write some new songs
  2. get some collaborations on the go in order to get the tunes a bit finished
  3. get some of the songs that I have written over the last ten years (that I still think are any use) recorded so I can either say, 'what was I thinking, this is just as rubbish as that other one that I wrote about being an angsty teen', or if I still don't hate a song I can move on with it and get it to a more finished state.
  4. practise guitar & singing more
First one is coming this week at some stage.


prendio2 said...

howdy, looking forward to the regular spots.

I read an interesting thing recently about blogging and one of the main points was to set a schedule and keep to it, whether that's 1 post a week or 3 a day, the idea is that by setting a schedule for yourself and sticking to it you get much more into the flow of producing content and building an audience.

I think for at least I know I have to take pictures every day but I've no real schedule for posting them and often end up way behind, need to set deadlines for myself on that… and stick with them.

Your Dad's blog is looking well, keep up the good work.

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