Saturday, August 15, 2009

Acstc 3: Invisible Cities

Acstc 3: Invisible Cities by Dusk Grotesk

I had this one up for a while on my SoundCloud, but wanted to keep that account for electronic Euphiophoney stuff so I moved it over to my chrisflynn account where all the acoustic tunes live. Anyway, it's kind of a pity for my fragile ego as this song, for whatever reason, had way more listens and downloads then any of the other stuff I've put up & now it's back to zero cause I moved it...but at least it is compartmentalised the way I like...

Anyway, now that this is done I'm gonna work on getting down to some twisted-beaty-synthery for the rest of the weekend.

Some info:
It was recorded live in the Printing House, Trinity College on 2nd February, 2008.
Apart from me warbling and playing rhythm guitar I have other people helping me out:
Sheila Rogers - Flute
Shane McKenna - Lead guitar
Emma Brennan - Glockenspiel.
Much fun was had.


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