Sunday, August 30, 2009

Harry Clarke at the National Gallery

I have been a massive Harry Clarke fan ever since a tiny thumbnail of one of his illustrations appeared in our art textbook in secondary school. He is an Irish artist, known both for his stained glass work and his book illustrations. Was thrilled to hear about the exhibition currently running at the National Gallery of his Illustrations for Hans Christian Andersen's 'Fairy Tales' (also features black and white illustrations from 'The Rape of the Lock'), which I finally got into see today, despite being quite hungover. Below are three of the images included in the exhibition but they really don't do justice to the delicate, intricate pen-work & luminous colour of the originals. The giftshop was an absolute dream/nightmare as there were loads of prints/postcards/books of Clarke's work, which are normally very difficult to find, so naturally I wanted to buy pretty much everything. In the end I settled for a re-production (very beautifully done) of Edgar Allen Poe's 'Tales of Mystery and Imagination' that Clarke had illustrated and the hardback programme to accompany the exhibtion which included nice glossy prints of all the stuff from the exhibition (except the black and white illustrations), and a few postcards aswell.

The exhibition is continuing til 20 September, I absolutely recommend checking it out.


Camel Productions said...

The only film of the life and work of Harry Clarke is available here:
Title – Harry Clarke – Darkness in Light
Writer/Director – John J Doherty
“Documentarian John J Doherty examines the life of Clarke and the controversial nature of his work, culminating in his clash with the conservative Irish Free State over his ‘offensive’ masterpiece, the Geneva Window’. Visually spectacular and poetically told, Darkness in Light is a fitting showcase of Clarke’s unique and haunting vision.” Boston Irish Film Festival

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