Monday, October 19, 2009

Some stuff

Just want to draw attention to two things on the Second Square To None site.

Firstly, the Ten Second Rule Pieces are online (which I contributed a piece to) here and I thoroughly recommend checking them out. We were fortunate to get lots of great material from the finest producers in the country. Lots of diversity and different approaches so am looking forward to seeing what Dubreak, Browncloud, Fyodor, PushMoveClick and Vince MacMahon do with them at the gig next Sunday.

Also, there is a liveset up on the blog by Shane McKenna, a fellow Monaghan person, and it is really worth checking out (well, all the Monday downloads are but I can't be saying it every week!). Beautifully edited orchestral compositions, culled from extensive recordings of the National Youth Orchestra, mixed with a fine underpinning of rhythmic motion. Reminds me somewhat of the Amon Tobin album 'Foley Room', where he used, amongst other things, recordings of the Kronos Quartet.

Meanwhile, I am working away on my set for next Sunday. It's going quite well but there is still alot left to do. Will have loads of new music done by the time it is finished, which I am looking forward to putting out into the world.


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