Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 516

Old friend of mine Oisin Prendiville yesterday completed the epic undertaking of Day 516, a photoblog where he uploaded a photo every day for 516 days as he travelled from New York to Buenos Aires (he is currently in Equador). Following him and the lovely Catherine has been great, with the shifting exotic backdrops that accompany their travels and the high standard of aesthetic execution in the shots themselves.

It is a bit strange to think the project is now finished as, since the blog has been going ever since he left Ireland, all of us back home have been in constant contact with them and kept up-to-date on their adventures through the blog. Now it feels like they've really left!

Note: 516 was the number of the house that Oisin, myself, Michael and Fergal lived in on Collins Avenue a few years ago. Read Oisin's entry on this hereFurther note: my brother, Daniel, has lived in the house ever since and only moved out last month, so the house is no longer in the family and this blogging monument to it is also finished.


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