Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I play bass! In a Band!

Gonna be playing bass for Bouts on Saturday at Hard Working Class Heroes Festival. It's been years (approximately ten) since I played a gig with a band and then all I did was be the singer. Any gigs I've played in the last few years have seen me huddled behind a computer, pushing buttons, twisting knobs, looking brain-addled and playing occasional instruments, trying to represent the products of my studio tinkering. This time I am coming into a project where the songs are written and I get to concentrate solely on laying down the 'phat groove' with my rhythm section partner-in-crime and full-time-next-eldest brother, Daniel. Tis going to be very exciting.

We're playing Twisted Pepper, 9.10 - 9.40, Saturday, 9 October. Please do come along if you're around for the festival.


<a href="http://gimmebouts.com/album/new-ways-of-saying-no">New ways of saying NO by bouts</a>


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