Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Bit of a DJ mix that I put together on a nice summer day, featuring a mixture of wonky dubstep and industrial beats. Bit hastily put together but some good tunes in there.

Note: You can download the mix by clicking the down arrow at the right of the SoundCloud player.

Tracklist (52:54):
Dead Man (Milanese Mix) - Various Production
Wolf Cub - Four Tet/Burial
Versus - Burial
Flex Plexico - Ital Tek
Smart Bomb - Vex'd
V - Distance
Ruptured - Scuba
7 Ghosts I - NIN
Sex Slave Ship - Flying Lotus
Dirtbox - Harmonic 313
Entire Set - NHK
Zig-Zag - Rustie
Growl's Garden - Clark
Twitch (Jamie Vexd remix) - Scuba
Aquafresh - Zomby
Gutter Music - Starkey
Radiant Industry - Jamie Vexd
Bun - Various Production
Rushup I Bank 12 - The Tuss


Unknown said...

this is awesome. still only halfway through... i love you.

Unknown said...

Cheers B :)

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