Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A little banner thing

Just threw this little banner together for the Film Knight Vimeo page. Film Knight is a little gathering of a couple film nerds where we get out the HD projector and screen something interesting, but with the added bonus that all attendees shoot/animate and edit their own little short which we screen before the feature.

However, using a Playstation 3 as the disc player means that the temptation to spend most of the night visiting wanton destruction on unsuspecting New Yorkers from a helicopter in beautiful high resolution is ever present. Actually, at the last Film Knight we invented a game much more interesting then any of the 'designated missions' whereby you would fly the helicopter as high as possible and then jump out in an attempt to land in a pond in Central Park. Not as easy as it sounds (or does it sound easy?).


prendio2 said...

very nice… looking forward to seeing it full size on the vimeo page… go on hit up on the blog roll good man

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