Tuesday, May 19, 2009

State of the Euphionation

Currently: working as a layout designer for print, enriching the lives of school children everywhere by designing books for them. Kind of started the whole design lark as it seemed a more realistic way to get a job then making music for a (very) limited audience but am definitely starting to see it as an area that I would like to stay in and hope to develop my skills.

I also make music, both acoustic and electronic, as Euphiophone. I am involved with Second Square To None, a Dublin based group who put on audiovisual events showcasing the work of electronic music/noise makers that falls outside the realms of the dancefloor orientated set. I have scored a few short films aswell, but not lately. Some examples of my music are in the Soundcloud player on this blog. You can also download them for free if you want a little Euphiophone on the go.

I have a strong interest in animation and motion graphics aswell, having done some bits and pieces in Maya/After Effects/Flash. This is something I would like to explore in greater depth and incorporate into my portfolio of design skills. Some examples of my video work are on the video panel of this blog.


Anonymous said...

Im in a state of Euphiophoria...

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