Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Euphiophone+Melesta @ SSTN / DEAF 09 by SSTN

Here is my set from the SSTN event at DEAF. Played and recorded 25th October in Filmbase. Was a pretty epic couple of weeks preparation as the run up to the gig coincided nicely with me finishing up my fulltime job so for once I had a bit of time on my side. Playing with someone for the first time was great craic aswell, Melissa was on the money, unlike my mouse which hopped around the makeshift table so much with the bass rumble that it was unusable. Lucky I didn't need it THAT much cause I had my trusty MIDI assignments sorted. Overall pretty happy with the set, definitely the most fun I've had playing a gig, great atmosphere in the place, with a lovely crowd and the stage set-up looking slick. Fair play to the lads for sorting that actually, as I took a strictly hands off approach to stage & technical management of the gig (I did do the flyers tho). A few little annoyances about various elements in the mix but sure you'll have that. I'm not pointing them out in the hopes that nobody else notices.


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