Monday, November 16, 2009

Threshold (Live version)

Chris Flynn: Threshold (Live Version) from Mark Linnane on Vimeo.

A film that I created as part of my thesis for the Music and Media M.Phil in Trinity. This is the full presentation utilizing relief projection.

Blurb repeat:
Threshold is a 3D animation presented using multi-planar projection showing three screens of concurrent action, aswell as relief projection on structures on either side of the stage showing ancillary imagery. It uses an analysis of comparative mythology as a conceptual framework for creating a narrative structure that draws from the store of archetypal images and motifs provided by myth, which are then realized using the fluid aesthetic possibilities of digital animation. The visual elements are accompanied by a score which uses the acoustic sounds of cello, guitar and percussion, and augments them with digital manipulation and textures to create a score that relates the organic principles of collective human experience and filters them through contemporary tools, creating a connection with the manner in which mythology itself is constantly evolving, retaining the essence of its semiotic codes whilst incorporating specific contemporary sociological and cultural cues.


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